Don’t Miss to Play Subway Surfers on your PC

Subway Surfers for PC Free Download – Windows 7 / 8 / XP 8.1 10

Subway Surfers, one of the most played game on Android Phones can now be played on PC as well. Download Subway Surfers Game for free, Install it on your windows PC and enjoy the game.It can be Installed on Windows 7 /8 /xp 10 or vista. No need of extra softwares required (like Bluestacks ).The only thing is that you cannot get the updates of subway surfers game that is you can play only in one location and that is fixed. Use mouse for directions.

What you need is just download PC/Laptop and then android emulator such good ones are: MEmu android emulator, Bluestack, NOX

You can choose one of them, and if you have install it on your PC then just sign in on your google account and install subway surfers game from your play store.

If you are interested only in subway surfers game then go for downloading .exe file. If you want to use other android applications like Whatsapp, BBM ,Wechat,Fruit Ninja then best option is MEmu.

MEmu android emulator is my favorite emulator I used. And if you need more info about game or may be cheat code for many popular games just visit and try one of these:

Leather Sleeper Sofas for Relaxing Living and Family Rooms

Living room and family room is not only where we gather with guests and family, but also where we spend our times in relaxation so that it is undeniable that leather sleeper sofas are suitable to add there. They will offer us cozy sitting and leaning while watching TV, reading books or enjoying the warmth of fireplace nearby. If you are with us, here we have inspiring pictures presenting complete comfortable indoor gathering spots furnishing.


There are some types of leather sleeper sofa bed design you can find at the pictures. It is the simple straight line design or the L-shaped or U-shaped design with chaise added. All of them look suitable for both traditional and modern gathering spots. The straight design is commonly completed with pillows for more comfortable experience. It is suitable for small room so that with this straight sofa, there will be more space to add some other seating units such as armchairs and lazy chair with footboard.

Contemporary family room Interior Decorated among Black Leather Sleeper Sofas Furniture Combined with White Granite Coffee Table

If you have spacious enough are for your friend and family gathering, the L-shaped or U-shaped sofa is more appropriate. As you can see at the pictures, the leather sofa with chaise is in various colors, such as accent brown, black and red. They are in sleek and tufted design for elegant look in simplicity and extravagant style. For the contemporary living room, the brown sectional sofa with chaise looks nice to match with the white coffee table and cow skin rug. For the traditional one, the sofa is good to meet the cultural rug with stylish glass coffee table added on it.

You will also be interested, if you plan to have a single sort of seating in your living room, with the rustic style living room which is completed with the U-shaped sofa with chaise. You will not need more seating units to add, except you have more space, since when you are having relaxation on the chaise, the other can still sit on the rest leather sleeper sectional sofa bed which is completed with some pillows. Sorry about this, but this is may be really you need when you look for information about how to be more fun when playing some popular game out there, I got so many usefull info about game from here. Have a nice day.

Brian Kopp’s Levelling Guide-Is It Any Good? Find Out First!

wowBrian Kopp s Levelling Guide was created by a guy called Brian Kopp who has been playing WOW since it has been released mostly as an Alliance Character to find the quickest way through the quests.

Brian Kopp s Levelling Guide features mainly on questing and not grinding which is a change to most WoW Power Levelling guides as a lot of them tell you that grinding is the fastest way to level up!

Also because Brian Kopp s Levelling Guide focuses mainly on questing, instead of just killing as much as you can you will get more fun out of the game as well.

Although this still leaves the question is Brian Kopp s Levelling Guide any good?

Well, to answer this we shall look at some of the aspects within Brian Kopp s Levelling Guide and first of it does just focus on the quests that give you the most XP and misses out the ones that are not worth bothering with.

So if you want to experience World of Warcraft as a full game and every quest then Brian Kopp s Levelling Guide is probably not for you. However it also contain full maps and diagrams with the quickest route for each mission which can be very helpful.

world-of-warcraft-war-game-tricksAlso Brian Kopp s Levelling Guide features some mods which enable you to see how quickly you are levelling up and all in all is a nicely laid out guide.

If you are an Alliance Player and just want to get to level 70 as fast as possible then I would say Brian Kopp s Levelling Guide is worth a look. If you want to do all the instances and experience the full game as it was intended then Brian Kopp s Levelling Guide probably will not be much use to you!

I hope this quick overview of Brian Kopp s Levelling Guide has been of use and helps you get more form World of Warcraft! Get more usefull info about 8 ball pool game and other popular games from here. Just visit this link and may be you’ll be surprised